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Have you ever gone to your room and suddenly you can't seem to remember why you went there in the first place? Have you ever crossed paths with someone but you can't remember the person's name even if you are already talking? Have you ever missed an appointment because it just slipped right off your mind? These are memory lapses and can happen to anyone at any age. The thing is, it gets upsetting at a certain point, especially when we realize we are getting older. We tend to be afraid. Somehow we know when we reach a certain age that everything is downhill from that point on. But do you have to wait until you completely forget? Want to know how you can retain a good memory and maximize your brain function? Are you interested in being smarter than you already are? This book is designed to help you boost your brain power. As it turns out, it does not take a lot. But it does call for a change of lifestyle, one that benefits your physical emotional and mental health.

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