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    Five years have passed, and the story begins in a dark period within the Star Watch saga. Captain Jason Reynolds, Omni of the US Space Fleet, along with his now 16-year-old daughter, Mollie, are en route to the Dacci System to attend the memorial service for none other than Boomer, his other daughter. Information on her death had been sketchy at best - an attack by the Sahhrain on Harpaign, during the Goldwon graduation trials. It had been a massacre. The Blues have since declared war on the Sahhrain, and there is a good chance the US Fleet and the Alliance will be dragged into the fray as well.

    Once on the planet Harpaign, Jason conducts a preliminary investigation - one that soon reveals things are not what they seem. Information is being withheld and clues indicate there is a slim possibility that Boomer did not die on the sandy dunes battlefield of Capital City after all - setting in motion the most riveting, non-stop action Star Watch novel yet. So grab ahold of your multi-guns and affix your enhancement shields, because this is going to be one hell of a wild, rollercoaster ride!

    ©2016 Mark Wayne McGinnis (P)2016 Mark Wayne McGinnis

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