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    Glory. Honor. Large words.

    One man must forgo these luxuries and begin an epic quest filled with danger, peril, redundancy, and sodomy. One man must brave the uncertainties of a world filled with men because it was written by men who are afraid of women. One man must set aside right and wrong and do what needs to be done.

    When sidekicks can't be trusted; when captured princesses aren't worth the hassle; when you're in the toilet and you've forgotten your smart phone only one man can be relied upon to handle the situation:

    Bon'Jellar, Hero of Ordegron.

    On a journey to rescue a princess, an unlikely hero is determined to conquer any obstacle he may encounter - including the princess. Bon'Jellar, the Prince of Ordegron, travels far and wide in pursuit of acquiring new skills, meeting resistance at every turn and finding himself in perilous situations. Along the way the seemingly incompetent warrior battles kidnappers, warlords, and Bon'Jellar's cleverly disguised archnemesis, Ulcerman.

    ©2015 Bryan & Kyle Henderson, Daniel Wissinger, and Adam Papageorgiou (P)2015 Bryan Robert Henderson

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