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    As the heat rises, something - deep-seated, forbidden, and impossible to contain - is bound to erupt....

    You think you're turned on by the taboo.... You assume you know what to expect from forbidden intimacy.... Yet, you've never experienced them like this before. Authors Tina Tirrell and Liam Holt take you to the edge. It's easy for their level of talent and creativity, but you'll be forever changed. Forever affected. And there's no going back.

    Can a single taboo erotica collection change the way you experience the taboo? Take the leap, and find out if you sink or swim. Two intense stories and one complete erotic novelette are tucked inside this unforgettable erotic anthology.

    Sticky Situation

    They say strangers grow close when trapped in a shared predicament. What happens when two adults already in a close relationship are caught in a sticky situation is just nature taking over. 


    Coming of age as the son of the man all call "Father" comes with divine obligations and procreative consequences.

    When the full story and Silas' destiny are finally revealed, the truth is so shocking that Silas' once idyllic, innocent life is turned completely upside down as he realizes the full extent and meaning of family.

    Before Breakfast

    She has no idea what she does to him...until it's all too obvious and way too late.

    Michael just can't hold back any longer. It's automatic, thoughtless, and absolutely insane; but the pressure builds, and Michael just can't help what he does, and how terribly taboo his unavoidable encounter with Sandra is - all before breakfast.

    Their first-time taboo experiences...certainly won't be their last!

    ©2015 Ardour Press (P)2018 Ardour Press

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