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    War is on our doorstep. The odds have never been so bleak.

    The Dark Goddess invades from the south, an unstoppable army of ghouls at her command. Darkwinter gathers in the north, their attack imminent. Rebel factions divide the realm, undermining Keradoc’s rule, and leaving Midnight ripe for invasion.

    And with every passing night, we sink deeper into the torments of our own souls, the secrets of the past as dangerous as the enemies of the present.

    Love and loyalty have seen us through the worst of Midnight’s brutalities, but it’s no longer just me and my fierce, protective monsters. Our fates are now bound to the realm and its warlord - a cruel, enigmatic fae harboring dark secrets of his own.

    Secrets that will either help us win this war...

    Or destroy everything we’re risking our lives, our hearts, and our very souls to save.

    Blood and Madness is the third book in The Witch’s Monsters series, a steamy paranormal and dark fantasy romance featuring a sassy, badass witch and the fiercely protective monsters who’ll destroy anyone who touches her. Expect sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance, damaged guys who hate everyone but their witch, and plenty of dark, supernatural thrills!

    ©2021 Sarah Piper (P)2021 Sarah Piper

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