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    This audiobook titled, Blood Is Thicker Than Water, is a reflection of what people pass through in their daily life. The mysterious death of Mr. Osamudiamen and the resultant effect on his immediate family coupled with his wife’s madness and his children’s suffering is a reality that many are passing through right now. 

    This audiobook also focuses on man’s inhumanity to man. How people, including Mr. Osamudiamen‘s family, treated his wife and children - including his best friend attempting to sleep with his eldest daughter for financial assistance - is a reality today. 

    This audiobook brought to light how and why young people may go into crime but made no attempt to justify crime. Bridget and Kelvin were merely victims of circumstances but could not help their situation. It also speaks of sacrifice, as Kelvin will give up his life to prosper Bridget. In all, it speaks of regret as Bridget will forever live to regret the abandonment of her baby. 

    To conclude, it is an audiobook you must hear for knowledge, wisdom, information, and moral lessons.

    ©2018 Friday O. Abumere (P)2018 Friday O. Abumere

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