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    The 10 guided meditations in this audio program (plus a bonus daily meditation!) were created by love and dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan to help women open their hearts and attract the love they want. 

    If you want to feel more loving, enjoy more love in your life, or attract the right romantic partner, you will enjoy these uplifting and inspiring guided meditations. They will to help clear, heal and open your heart so you can experience expansive inner optimism and a positive expectancy about love and romance.

    These guided meditations are best listened to in the order presented, since each one builds on the next. As you move through the program, feel free to revisit any meditation that you feel especially drawn to. There’s great value in repeatedly listening to your favorites!

    The final meditation in the series is a short daily meditation, crafted to inspire you to keep radiant, loving energy circulating on a daily basis. This shorter guided meditation will provide you with a daily lift after you’ve finished the series of meditations, or anytime you want to enjoy the benefits of a guided meditation, but don’t have much time.

    The more you live from a place of peace and love, the more powerfully you can influence your ability to bring love and romance into your life. These meditations will guide to feel more alluring and magnetic, which will help you attract your ideal partner.

    ©2019 Ronnie Ann Ryan (P)2020 Wetware Media

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