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Black Ops Heroes of Afghanistan: Retribution

Autor: Eric Meyer
Sprecher: Neal Vickers
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 2 Min.

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Afghanistan is a land ripped apart by unending warfare. Inside this seething cauldron of violence, Rafe Stoner, a former Navy SEAL, maintains a precarious existence. His business, selling surplus machinery, is a cover for his real work. Stoner is a gun for hire, and his services are in constant demand.

When a CIA agent offers him a small fortune to take on a contract, he smells trouble. The job is almost suicidal. They want him to risk everything to rescue an operative. An agency sniper, trapped and threatened with a horrific death at the hands of a notorious drug lord and his army of fanatical fighters.

Helped by his old friend, the Russian Greg Blum, they head for the town of Khost. Ahead of them, a horde of Taliban veterans. Men sworn to bring about the death of Americans. Stoner and Blum become enmeshed in a vicious battle that threatens them with a violent and bloody end. For the drug lord has a hobby. Extreme torture. Capture would result in an unspeakable and agonizing death.

This is an incredible story of tough, violent men in a tough, violent land. Black-Ops Heroes of Afghanistan: Retribution is by the best-selling author of many Special Ops novels. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo stories, the Raider series, Echo Six, and a number of Devil's Guard titles.

©2015 Eric Meyer (P)2016 Swordworks Books


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