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    Do you find yourself losing your investment over and over again? Each time you take one step forward, you take two steps backward and find yourself even further away from the place you started, and eventually, the inevitable three steps back and then...everything starts to fall apart in your head, and your heart rate starts to go into a frenzy as you begin to see your account depleting slowly and surely, but you can't stop yourself from going on. go right back to a single-digit number.

    If that sounds like your situation, you need this right now. Before you break your bank and take on that second mortgage to try and recoup back your losses.

    This complete course audiobook consists of a comprehensive manual customized for a beginner binary options trader. It covers all aspects of what a trader requires in the three key components of trading binary options.

    1. Wealth management
    2. Emotional psychology
    3. Winning strategies

    Course content highlights:

    1. What is a winning mindset?
    2. Why less than five percent is making all the money
    3. Characteristics of a potential successful trader
    4. Keys to forming good thought habits
    5. Eradicating negativity around you
    6. Your emotional relationship with money
    7. Shifting your beliefs about money
    8. The 60-seconds binary options strategy
    9. The different types of binary options strategies
    10. A list of successful proven-and-tested strategies
    11. Trading strategies examples
    12. Developing a binary options strategy
    13. Understanding indicators and patterns

    They are meticulously condensed and structured respectively into 13 chapters in a simplified manner and sequence to properly bridge and build the foundation of a beginner's trader mind-set toward trading effectively with a proper mind shift and winning strategy.

    ©2019 Themeworks Production (P)2019 Themeworks Production

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