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Between Two Bikers: MFM Spanking

Menage a Trois, Book 6
Autor: Rayann Kendal
Sprecher: Marie Smith
Spieldauer: 32 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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Noel is ready for something different.

A friend recommended a biker's bar which sat square in the wrong part of town. The recommendation couldn't have come with a more glowing review. Noel decides it's time to try something new. She pulls up in her neat little four door sedan and is confronted with a row of Harley's and a mouthwatering specimen. A biker to a T. Beard. Tattoo's. Leather. He could probably bench press his chopper. Noel swallows her fear and heads inside only to find she's the only lady in the whole place.

Will she stick around long enough to learn what it's like to be handled by a real man?

Can she take more than one burly biker at a time?

Bonus story included.

©2016 Rayann Kendal (P)2016 Rayann Kendal


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