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    Patty can't believe her horrible luck. She turns over her car in the morning only to find smoke pouring out from under the hood. Fortunately, her friend Mike is willing to help. Unfortunately, he expects to be paid for his services. With only a few bucks to get her through the week and a desperate need to get to work, Patty has to make other arrangements, and in this case it means rough sex bent over the hood of her car!

    Warning: This audiobook contains explicit descriptions of rough sex in public. Only mature adults who won't find that offensive should read this story.

    Here is a preview:

    "Fine, good luck on getting to work and all that shit. I got to go. See you later." "Wait! Okay fine you asshole! But you better wear a fucking condom. No wonder you are single." "What makes you think I am single? I have a fiancee who is in the Bahamas doing her bachelorette party. And yes I have condoms." "Are you fucking serious? You are blackmailing me for sex to fix my car when you are getting married?" "Blackmail is such a strong word, how about we call it as payment for the service?" "What the fuck ever, you cock. Let's get it over with, I have to get to work." Mike smiled, slammed the hood closed, grabbed her by her shoulders and turned her around. Her hands were flat on the hood of the car and he hiked her skirt up over her ass. Patty looked around in a panic and hoped her neighbors didn't decide to come out for a morning walk. She heard Mike rip open the condom wrapper and slide it on his cock.

    ©2013 BJ Hardcore Erotica Press (P)2014 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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