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    Uncover a delightful world of bedtime stories with this brilliant collection!

    Do you want to help your child relieve anxiety, improve creativity, and experience deeper, longer sleep? Are you interested in how bedtime stories can help children recharge at the end of the day and practice meditative mindfulness? Or, are you looking for a way to make bedtimes more fun? Then, keep reading.

    In today’s modern and fast-paced world, the need for sleep has never been more important. But far too many children are unable to get the sleep they need. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, or just too much energy, a lack of rest can cause poor learning, a lack of focus, and a whole host of other problems. But now, this fun and enjoyable collection of bedtime stories seeks to help kids unwind and relax at the end of the day. 

    Harnessing the power of mindfulness meditation, inside you’ll find tons of amazing fantasy stories with unicorns, dragons, and dinosaurs, which are perfect for all ages!

    Here are just a few of the stories inside:

    • Flying on a Unicorn
    • Christmas in the Land of the Unicorn
    • Raina Unicorn a Rainbow Rider
    • The Frog and the Unicorn
    • The Prince and the Dragon
    • The Princess Animals
    • A Dragon with Three Puzzles
    • The Butterfly and the Dragon
    • Prehistoric World
    • Anny and the Dinosaur
    • And more!

    Whether you want to boost your child’s imagination, promote feelings of peace and calmness, or simply make bedtime more enjoyable, this collection is sure to entertain kids of all ages.

    So, don’t wait! Buy now and let your child experience these amazing bedtime stories today!

    ©2020 Kristen Wollen (P)2020 Kristen Wollen

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