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    Have you ever suffered through a night with no sleep?

    Have you laid in bed with a head full of anxiety and stress, wishing for something to calm your thoughts and bring some peace to your restless mind?

    Bed Time Stories for Adults is here to help! With this book, you will delve into 25 relaxing and calming short stories to take your mind away from your worries and guide you toward a good night’s sleep.

    Each story takes you on a journey through a compelling location where nothing really happens at all. As you listen, your mind will be calmed, and you can drift off to sleep without worrying about missing anything important.

    Put yourself in the shoes of the narrator and travel to some of the world’s most evocative mountain landscapes. Explore the mysteries treasures of natural locations and immerse your senses in the silence of famous mountains around the world.

    In this book, we will join several travelers as they look for their own peace of mind in faraway places. Allow yourself to relax on the mountain from the comfort of your own bed. Close your eyes after every chapter and try to imagine yourself standing before the stunning mountains. Learn to channel your energy into keeping yourself calm in times of chaos.

    • Step away from the everyday with stories that are crafted to feel like a vacation from the ordinary.
    • Teach yourself to unwind through the use of your own imagination when adult life starts to bubble over with stress and uncertainty.
    • Relatable characters splatter the words of this audiobook so that everyone can find something that they will enjoy.
    • Allow our meditative and descriptive language to melt away your stresses as you take a journey to exotic locations and fascinating destinations from the comfort of your own bed.
    ©2020 Antony Quiet (P)2020 Antony Quiet

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