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    This is a new tale about one of the most legendary figures of the Old West.

    Bass Reeves. A lawman with a gun. A man who could catch any criminal.... including his own son. This fast-moving, action-packed adventure filled with history is based on the life of Bass Reeves. Reeves truly was the most unusual US marshal to ever serve this country. His accomplishments earned him the title of the most feared lawman in the wild and untamed Indian Territory. 

    The lady smiled at me, and nodded. It seemed that I still held her interest, for whatever unfathomable reason. 

    “Who would this person of interest be, and why would you want to meet him?” she asked. 

    “The old Buffalo Soldier, Bass Reeves,” I said. 

    “I'm a writer by trade, and I wish to write a book about his exploits.” 

    The little lady appeared even more thrilled when I mentioned my line of work. “A mythmaker? You mean you write dime novels?”
    I nodded with a smile and a twinkle in my eye.

    ©2020 John J. Law (P)2021 Longhorn Publishing

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