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Bar Room Blitz

Sprecher: Jonathan Keeble
Spieldauer: 42 Min.
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Lieutenant Jackson Silver walked into the bustling dock workers’ bar. The heavy stale air seemed to cling to his skin. The smell of unwashed workers and their oily grease-stained overalls infiltrated every corner of the crowded, dimly lit dive. Many pairs of eyes watched him as he headed for the bar. It had been a long day, and he was looking forward to a drink and an hour or so of alone time before returning to his posting on the outskirts of district five. 

Little did Lieutenant Jackson Silver realize what kind of a situation he was walking into when he walked into that bar, or how much trouble he was about to get into, all in defense of one young Trooper. Ever the cool Galactic Fleet Commando, what follows is nothing short of personal adventure, adversity, and triumph over a broken regime.

Immerse yourself in this short fantasy world of military hardship, and enjoy the success and survival of Lieutenant Jackson Silver today.

©2017 James Goldsworthy (P)2018 James Goldsworthy

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