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    This book looks at success stories from all walks of life. From scientists to business gurus, there is a lot we can learn from modeling their lives. The majority of success books focus mainly on motivation. This book breaks down success into an easy-to-learn paradigm that anyone can apply to their lives, regardless of the area of life in which they are looking for success.

    The successful people covered in this book include:

    • Henry Ford
    • R. H. Macy
    • F. W. Woolworth
    • Soichiro Honda
    • Akio Morita
    • Bill Gates
    • Harland David Sanders (aka Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken)
    • Walt Disney
    • Albert Einstein
    • Charles Darwin
    • Isaac Newton
    • Winston Churchill
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • JK Rowling
    • Oprah Winfrey
    • Sidney Poitier
    • Harrison Ford

    Learning about the success of others is not only instructional, but it is also motivational.

    Many people have found great success after starting in humble circumstances. No matter where you are today, you can achieve what you desire if you are willing to make the same types of sacrifices and put in the hard work, as these individuals did.

    Their stories will serve to keep you inspired to continue working for your goals until you have achieved your desires!

    ©2015 Sue Baker (P)2016 Sue Baker

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