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    Harness ACT to live a healthier life!

    Acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT, is an evolving psychotherapeutic method, first developed into a complete system in the book Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Steven Hayes, Kirk Strosahl, and Kelly Wilson. 

    ACT is what some call the third wave of behavioral therapy. For understanding what this means, it helps to know that the first wave applies to conventional behavioral therapy, which aims to substitute negative habits with positive behaviors through a learning principle called conditioning.

    Cognitive therapy, the second wave of behavioral therapy, seeks to change problem behaviors by modifying and perpetuating the emotions that trigger them. 

    In the third wave, behavioral practitioners have begun to explore conventional nonclinical therapeutic strategies, such as tolerance, mindfulness, cognitive defusion, dialects, beliefs, faith, and relationship growth. Such treatments re-examine the origins and symptoms of psychological problems, the therapeutic aims of psychotherapy, and even the concept of mental illness itself. 

    Do you want to improve your relationship with painful thoughts and feelings that prevent you from making changes to make your life better? 

    In Back to Life: An ACT Workbook, you can learn how to recognize negative and unhealthful modes of thinking and apply acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) concepts to your day-to-day life, creating a happier, richer, and more meaningful existence with yourself and others. 

    Closely linked to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), ACT is a evidence-based, NICE-approved therapy that uses acceptance and conscientiousness approaches, paired with engagement and behavioral change techniques, to help people improve their psychological resilience in their personal and professional lives.

    With the aid of this simple and reliable guide, you can find out how to tackle unpleasant feelings and not act on them - without sending yourself down the rabbit hole. The goal is not happiness; rather, it is to be present with what life brings you and to step toward valued actions. 

    ©2020 Samuel J. Ginzburg (P)2020 Samuel J. Ginzburg

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