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    Are you a new Mum?

    Baby care can be a daunting time for parents, as they try to “get it right”. But we’ve got you covered with our tips and experiences on baby feeding. This audiobook is from mums and for mums. In this audiobook, we have tried to unpack the science and psychology that are behind dietary recommendations, by providing simple and practical advice and suggestions for parents. Where there any areas of debate, we’ve included details so you can make an informed decision about what to do.

    There’s much more on making breastfeeding and formula feeding work, as well as food allergies, spitting up, choking, and supplements you may be wondering about. This audiobook also contains 100 fully tested recipes for various stages and styles of weaning, providing a progression of flavours and textures. These menu plans have been designed to provide a great balance of different vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat, so that your baby has wide exposure to nutritious foods.

    Let us join you in your baby care journey by getting this audiobook today!

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