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    Would you like to live longer and be healthier?

    Are you interested in detoxing your body and repairing the damage caused?

    This book will change your life!

    Autophagy is a regeneration process that takes place naturally at a cellular level within the body. It can both reduce the probabilities of contracting certain diseases and prolonging lifespan as well. But how do you use autophagy in your daily life.

    This new book aims to show you how you can live healthier, happier and longer, free of some of the chronic diseases that can affect millions, with chapters that look at:

    • How to understand autophagy.
    • How to induce autophagy.
    • Exercising and its importance for success.
    • How your body detoxifies and repairs.
    • Detox planning.
    • Intermittent fasting.
    • Tips and advice for a longer life.
    • And lots more…

    This in-depth book looks at a variety of ideas that are popular for weight loss and healthy eating. It will show you the way to a much better lifestyle and help you to understand what makes our bodies last longer.

    Download today and see how introducing autophagy into your life can make a world of difference!

    ©2019 David Colombo (P)2019 David Colombo

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