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Autophagy Diet

How to Induce Your Body's Natural Detox Process for Weight Loss and Longevity Through Intermittent Fasting, Keto Diet, Extended Water, and Simple Exercises
Autor: Luna Curtis
Sprecher: Winona Owen
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 28 Min.

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Do you want to look beautiful, fill your body with energy and get rid of a few extra pounds permanently? Would you like to eliminate toxins, stop the aging process and live longer in good health and shape?

If you’re ready to promote the health of every cell in your body without drugs, strict diets and exhausting fitness routines, then keep reading....

The good news is that you can unlock your body's natural self-cleansing process. You can use your own hidden resources to get rid of toxins, regulate your weight ,and be strong and resistant to diseases.   

You could live better and healthier, look amazing and be full of energy with the help of the Nobel-awarding concept of autophagy. It is is a biological process within human body cells that promotes the correct recycling of cellular waste material.

What you'll learn:

  • Best natural ways to induce autophagy.
  • How to use autophagy for weight loss.
  • Simple training and exercises to achieve autophagy.
  • How to combine fasting, diet, and intensive training.
  • Powerful strategies to maintain autophagy.
  • Secrets of safe water fasting.
  • How to avoid starvation while fasting.

Even if you haven't got the significant results through popular dieting, you can achieve success with the help of this complete manual. 

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