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    Human beings long for instant gratification. We do not always get instant gratification. People with autism may have trouble processing why gratification is not instant and must be delayed in some instances. This can make employment opportunities frustrating for them as we often do not get paychecks right away for a day's work. 

    This audiobook breaks down the gratification process to simplify it. One man with autism explains how he experiences gratification. Travis longs for instant gratification in everything he does. He is much like people without autism, only patience takes a lot of practice for him. Learn how Travis finds other sources of motivation for being successful and accomplishing goals without receiving instant gratification for a job well done. 

    This audiobook will provide tips on how to help others with autism learn to appreciate delayed gratification and everything that comes with it. Full of ideas on how to teach patience and acceptance, this audiobook is a great tool for helping you help autistic people to navigate their feelings toward gratification and patience.

    ©2018 Travis Breeding (P)2019 Travis Breeding

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