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Auschwitz & The Holocaust: The Shocking Stories of Commandant & Leaders of the Holocaust & Auschwitz

Hitler, Book 1
Autor: Ryan Jenkins
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 21 Min.
Kategorien: English - History, World

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Men or Monsters? The leaders of the Holocaust exposed.

There is little doubt that the men who orchestrated the Holocaust were sick individuals with a passion for death and destruction. They believed that not all men, or even most, were created equal and that the death of millions was an acceptable cost.

Hear about the commandant of Auschwitz who tells in his own words about how he attempted to streamline his extermination process. While efficiency would normally be rewarded, in this case it was tragic.

There are accounts from guards who tell tales of the bravery of the Jews facing death who did not go quietly or without their dignity. There are stories of women who begged for the lives of their children in vain. They are hard accounts to listen to, but they are necessary to understand just what they went through and how we should never face these days again.

In the face of death and hate, there is love. Hear about the grandson of a hated guard who would later be adopted by one of the survivors of his grandfather’s camps. The level of love and forgiveness that had to be behind those actions is mind boggling and heartwarming.

There were horrors, but even more so, there was hope. Hope survives. We listen to these stories to remember the hate in order to never repeat those mistakes again.

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