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    Patricia L. Lawrence takes a trip to Holbrook, once the roughest, toughest, most lawless town in the Old West. With charmingly laconic historian Steven Grey, Lawrence explores the Navajo County Courthouse Museum. Grey describes the unique features of the courthouse and provides some colorful stories about several ghostly experiences there, including one he experienced during his first-ever visit to the museum's jail. Listeners will learn about the ghost of George Smiley, who was hanged for murder, as well as the importance of Navajo history and culture in the area.


    Audio Journeys by Travel Radio International is on a road trip through the Southwest United. On Route 66, Holbrook, Arizona, still has the look and feel of a Wild West town. Holbrook, about 100 miles east of Flagstaff, was once the roughest, toughest, most lawless town of the Old West. We explore the Navajo County Courthouse Museum. Some people, including our guide, believe the 1898 courthouse is haunted.
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