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Attracting People

How to Find and Keep the People Who Bring Your Life Joy
Sprecher: Hubris Buchanan
Spieldauer: 37 Min.

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Attracting People

Many people may show attraction by flirting or even laughing at your jokes. But are these the only evidences of attraction? Would it be better for you to leave it to time, to make sure before forming your own conclusions? Let’s examine this issue.

In dealing with this issue, a close up view on the four elements of basic attraction should get us on our way. Knowing who you want to attract is a very integral piece of the puzzle, as you would not want to play with people’s feelings and attract the wrong person to yourself. Imagine for a while, do you see yourself being with them in the future? But how will you know, you can trust them with your life? In order to get someone to share their life with you, learning how to get out and meet other people will do wonders!

Learning how to be interesting will also produce great results. Develop your own personal style; people will want to know you. Learn how to flirt, for some people this may be very hard. But, it can be learnt. But how will you develop that self confidence and how important is smiling? You will be amazed! Learn how to be a good listener and pay attention as these are important aspects of good communication. Be observant, the expression is worth more than a million words. How will you also know when attraction has turned into obsession?

All these answers are at your fingertip. Increasing your knowledge will empower you to know the signals and know how to act appropriately when attracting your soul mate.

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