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    The only audiobook you will ever need for you to be assertive in any situation! 

    It goes without saying that in today’s hypercompetitive world, only those who have the ability to be assertive without being seen as downright hostile have any hope of getting ahead.

    Unfortunately for many people, knowing this and acting on it are two very different things.

    If you are interested in becoming the assertive, empowered individual you have always wanted to be, then Assertiveness Training: 10 Simple Steps How to Become an Assertive Leader, Stand Up, Speak up, and Take Control of Your Life is the audiobook for which you have been waiting.

    Inside you will find real, actionable steps you can take to turn yourself from a timid doormat into the assertive badass you have always dreamed of being. Being assertive is a skill, which means it can be improved like any other; all you need is the tools to help you get started. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your future and buy this audiobook today!

    Inside you will find:

    • Tips for walking the line between assertive and aggressive
    • Easy ways to recognize and break negative personal patterns
    • Tricks to improve your self-confidence and make being assertive easier than ever before
    • Surefire ways to change your mindset for the better
    • And more
    ©2018 Luke Caldwell (P)2018 Luke Caldwell

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