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Assertive Behavior

Autor: Abe Kass, R.S.W.
Sprecher: Wayne June
Spieldauer: 48 Min.

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You can take one of three stances in relation to another person: 1. Aggressive, 2. Assertive, and 3. Passive. If you are aggressive, you will alienate others and often find yourself in conflict. If you are passive, you will feel frustrated, powerless, and overwhelmed. If you are assertive, which is positioned between the two extremes, you are respected, you feel empowered, and you feel in-control.

With this one-of-a-kind program, feel strong, be strong, and get what you want. Learn how to correctly say "no" and to positively assert yourself in all ways. And when you are assertive, you can, with less stress, achieve much more.

Our self-therapy programs are deliberately designed to be repetitive. Do not expect them to entertain. Do expect them - when used as instructed - to upgrade the quality of your life. This program requires eight minutes a day for three weeks (average for most people).

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