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    Do you want to learn how artificial intelligence can be applied in your company, in marketing, and how AI is revolutionizing our life in healthcare and medicine? If yes, then keep reading....

    What comes to your mind when you hear the word artificial intelligence (AI)? Perhaps you think of a science fiction movie from the likes of Orson Scott Card or other famed authors. Maybe you're thinking of Transformers or Wall-E from Disney. The Disneyization of AI has made it seem like it's a world of pure fantasy that only exists within the human imagination. However, the reality is that we are not far away from using AI in everyday life. Our use of AI continues to increase with each passing year. As we use Amazon, streaming music devices, and other AI that predicts our choices, we realize that machines and technology are starting to permeate every aspect of our existence. Our mobile devices also come with features that include AI. 

    It is believed by many, at least by people who are paying attention, that artificial intelligence will be the thing that distinguishes the world of the future from the world we live in today. Artificial intelligence has already become ubiquitous in ways that people do not realize. Sure, many men and women can point to technologies like Alexa and Siri that make their lives easier, but the average person is not aware that all aspects of modern-day life are being impacted by AI. What this means for the smart, savvy business person is that there are many potential business applications for AI in the world of tomorrow that are waiting for the right person to open that door. This audiobook will contain helpful and concise chapters on AI topics, which can be applied to the business.

    If you want to enjoy all the discoveries that you can find in this audiobook, buy your audio now!

    ©2020 Chris Neil (P)2020 Chris Neil

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