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    "Lesson One: A Very Rough BDSM Slave Training Story" - Anna isn't happy when an old friend calls in a favor, twisting her arm to get her to train a submissive for him. Nonetheless, she takes the girl on and is even angrier to discover her old lover sent her a slave that looks almost identical to her. Fine. She'll train her into a proper slave, but it will hurt. It will hurt a whole lot.

    "April's Second Lesson: A Rough BDSM Slave Training Erotica" - Anna is bound and determined to teach April all she must know to serve Brandon properly, but how can she do that when the very sight of the girl is a reminder that the young woman is her replacement? It's a very thin line between training and torture; and how can Anna keep from crossing that line when her eyes are blurred from the tears of Brandon's betrayal?

    "April Punishes Anna: A BDSM Erotica Story" - Anna crossed a line. Driven by jealousy, she went too far in her punishment of Brandon's slave April, and Brandon is furious. He sends a mistress over for the most humiliating response. Anna will be punished in front of her entire household. Not only that, but it will happen to her favorite, her servant Adam. That's not the worst of it either... April will participate in the administration of the punishment!

    "Anna Concocts a Plan: A Rough BDSM Double Penetration Story" - What Brandon has done cannot go unpunished. Anna begins to develop a way to infuriate him without consequence, but first she needs to deal with April's punishment. She knows the young slave had no choice in the events that led to Anna's humiliation, but she also knows April is consumed by guilt. For a slave like April, the only way to exorcise guilt is punishment... very, very harsh punishment.

    "April and Anna Triumphant: A Rough BDSM Erotica Story" - April is troubled. She's seen a side of Brandon she doesn't love.

    ©2013 BJ Hardcore Erotica Press (P)2014 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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