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    In this book, as you learn how to cope with your difficulties, you will understand the importance of practice. The moment you apply the principles of the book for the first two months, you will have captured a wide scope of the problem, plus other related issues that come along. So, whenever negative thoughts pop up, you will be able to counter them using the CBT techniques, and any other useful tools that we have mentioned to maintain your psychological well-being. 

    In this book, you’ll discover:

    • Over 10 coping strategies and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that can be tested and applied instantly (even if you have tried a slew of methods unsuccessfully)
    • The process of identifying the root cause(s) of your child’s negative self-talk which leads to distorted thinking and habitual destruction.
    • The five most common thinking errors and how to combat these through an in-depth evaluation of how words, actions, habits, and values begin with your beliefs and thoughts.   
    • A break-down of the powerful tool of imagination and how it can contribute to and/or alleviate anxiety.
    • Over 15 vivid processing exercises to help your child stop and recollect their thoughts in moments of feeling their debilitating anxiety.
    • How to effectively measure pediatric anxiety through tracking and documenting progress - which will uncover what methods work for your child and how to prepare for a relapse.
    • The five most critical mistakes you’re currently making with your parenting style and how they can be increasing your kid’s anxiety (avoid these at all costs if you want to see progress).

    And much, much more!

    You have at least once in your lifetime, limited your behavior due to depression, stress, or feeling unwell in situations that were related to other people. This book is written to boost your mental health, as well as change your quality of life.

    ©2020 David Mcdonagh (P)2020 Barry A. Clark

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