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    Anne Craw of Niles, Ohio, Sober Since 4-1-1948
    Two AA Talks - One at First AA Women's Group Westside Women (Cleveland, Ohio)

    • Anne knew Dr. Bob, both drunk and sober.
    • She talks about it in this recording.
    • She worked in a building in which Dr. Bob had his office, and she was an eyewitness to the suffering his alcoholism caused him. 
    • She was also helped by him in her early sobriety, and recalls his steadfastness and dedication to AA in the final years of his life.
    • She tells her recovery story. 
    • How she began drinking, how it progressed, and the bottom she reached. 
    • She also talks about living sober, learning to get rid of resentments, and how she lived the AA way of life.
    • This is a very well told AA recovery story. 
    • Anne C. is quoted in Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers three times (one is on page 33).
    • A very good talk by someone who knew Sister Ignatia, Bill Dotson, Bill Wilson, and Ethel Macy.
    ©2021 Thomas Laperriere (P)2021 Thomas Laperriere

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