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Anger Management: Beat It or Suck It Up

Take Control of Your Rage, Stress, Anxiety, & Intense Emotions
Autor: Jonas Kurtz
Sprecher: Neal Vickers
Spieldauer: 50 Min.

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You may be wondering at some crucial point in your life where your stress is stacking up, and you find yourself flaring up one too many times and snapping at your loved ones to the point they start to fear you. You saw “the look” in their eyes even though they did not say it to your face up front. You could sense a moment of shock when you reached your breaking point. There would be one of these moments where you would actually start to question yourself: “Where is this built-up rage within me coming from?” 

I’m sure you have heard of the term “anger-management” and sometimes wondered if you need some. In this audiobook, you can have a better understanding of what type of "anger" borders on a dangerous line and really dive into this issue on a deeper level so you can take back control of not just your irrational overwhelming emotions, but also take back your life. 

You and your loved ones can be in this together, and they won't have to "fear you" and start to distance themselves from you whenever you feel the rage taking over that makes you a completely different person. Or perhaps you are dealing with a loved one who you suspect needs to admit and acknowledge they have a problem.   

Audiobook content includes:  

  • Chapter one - What is the definition of anger?   
  • Chapter two - Do I have anger-management issues?  
  • Chapter three - Techniques to handle my emotions effectively  
  • Chapter four - Understanding the anger control systems  
  • Chapter five - Learn how different people express anger   
  • Chapter six - Is it just an adolescence phase with the teenage rage and angst?   
  • Chapter seven - What is an anger-management class?   
  • Chapter eight - How do I find a good anger-management program for myself?   
  • Chapter nine - How to take the right actions to resolve life’s hurdles   

Bonus recommended courses list at the end of the audiobook. 

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