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    Available only on audio, this exciting collection features original stories by Adam-Troy Castro, some never before published.

    The stories collected here include "The Assassin's Secret"; "Narrow Escape of Zipper-Girl"; "A Place Without Portals"; "The Hour in Between; "Greetings, Humanity! Welcome to Your Choice of Species"; "Her Husband's Hands"; "The Refrigerator in the Girlfriend"; "Big Stupe and the Buried Big Glowing Booger"; "The Last to Matter"; "Red Rain"; "The Boy and the Box"; "Four Haunted Houses"; "The Whole Crew Hates Me"; "Cerile and the Journeyer"; "Evangelist"; "My Wife Hates Time Travel"; "Survey"; "The New Provisions"; "The Shallow End of the Pool"; "What I Told My Little Girl About the Aliens Preparing to Grind Us into Hamburgers"; "Of a Sweet Slow Dance in the Wake of Temporary Dogs"; and "The Old Horror Writer".

    A few of these stories have appeared as podcasts for Lightspeed and Nightmare magazines. For more information:


    ©2019 Adam-Troy Castro (P)2019 Skyboat Media

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