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    Listen as descriptions of human physiology are illustrated in the eBook edition with 80 panel paintings by Philip James ROI. A viscous surface of pulped and washed colour interprets the intricate framework of muscles, arteries, bone and soft tissue, all infused with an internal dynamic of potent nervous energy. First published in 2001, the volume carried 80 colour plates of art works with descriptions of the location and function of portrayed parts.  

    Included: aorta, arch of atlas, arm, artery, atrium, bladder, bones, brain, branches, breast, bronchi, bulb, buttocks, canal, capillary, cartilage, cavity, cells, cervix, cleft, column, compartments, cornea, cuneiform, diaphragm, digits, discs, ducts, duodenum, ear, oesophagus, fascia, femur, fibula, finger, fissure, follicle, foot, gland, gonads, heart, heel, hip, intestine, iris, jaw, knee, knuckle, labia, labyrinth, ligament, metatarsal, mouth, neck, nucleus, orifice, pelvis, perineum, philtrum,, pubis, rectum, retina, ribcage, sacrum, scalp, shin, shoulder, skin, skull, spine, spleen, stomach, teeth, testicle, thorax, throat, thumb, tongue, veins, wrist.

    Born in 1948, Bromley, Kent, England, Nicholas Philip James studied painting with Keith Vaughan and Frank Auerbach at the Slade School of Fine Art, University of London, and History of Art (MA) at Kingston University.

    ©2001, 2018 Cv Publications (P)2018 Cv Publications

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