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    If you are thinking of doing some data science work , first you have to get familiar with data libraries, and various techniques of data modelling; in other words you have to dive into data analysis discipline with some fundamental understanding of this science. This book provides you those fundamentals of business and data analytics and insight into various data models and algorithms, all written having a beginner in mind. Further chapters will introduce you to powerful business analytics tool provided by Microsoft Power BI.

    By the time you are done with the book you will master business analytics modelling with Power BI and share it with other users who are interested in same topic as you are. Data analytics also may be the right answer for you if you are involved in marketing management since it can help you with operating, strategic, and financial performance. On the other hand Power BI will let you to ask all the right questions and help you to make wise business decisions. If this sounds good to you, let's dive in together into the data analysis with Power BI.

    What you will learn in Analyzing Data with Power BI:

    • Basics of data analysis processes
    • Fundamental data analysis algorithms
    • Basic of data and text mining, data visualization and business intelligence
    • Techniques used for analyzing quantitative data
    • Basic data analysis tasks
    • Conceptual, logical, and physical data models
    • Power BI service and data modelling
    • Creating reports and visualizations in Power BI
    • Data transformation and data cleaning in Power BI
    • Real world applications of data analysis

    Learn more on Analyzing Data with Power BI now!

    ©2017 Anthony Williams (P)2017 Anthony Williams

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