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American History by the State: Interesting Stories and Random Facts About Texas, California, and New York

History of the United States Box Set, Book 1
Autor: Bill O'Neill
Sprecher: Derek Newman
Spieldauer: 10 Std. und 23 Min.

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Rich history, important figures, and massive events that rocked the entire continent; each of the 50 states comprising the United States has been the scene of enormous moments in history that are the subject of study all over the world.

Knowing such facts and being able to recognize the details of culture, folklore, and sports (among many other pieces of trivia) are gifts that very few have, even those that can boast living in certain states all of their lives.

In this American History by the State box set, we provide you with the trivia and facts surrounding three of the most emblematic states in the US: Texas, New York, and California:

  • Learn how Texas earned its name, “The Lone Star State”, as well as discovering more about its mysteries in The Great Book of Texas.
  • Discover just how the beloved Statue of Liberty found its way into history and became quite possibly the most recognized city emblem in the world in our Great Book of New York.
  • Open the floodgates of knowledge surrounding the powerful media industry in the Golden State, and find out more about how it came to reach its peak in the Great Book of California!

Every state has its history and every history has its facts - our goal is to provide you with everything you will need to know, and which not even your professors or parents taught you.

Get it today and start learning just what makes each state across the United States unlike any other!

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