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  • Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Bundle

  • AWS and Azure Explained for Beginners: API, Cloud Computing for Data Storage, Machine Learning, Security, Networking and More!
  • Geschrieben von: George Prestonship
  • Gesprochen von: Robert Kale, James C. Jones, Michael Lakeman
  • Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 54 Min.
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    The best of two….

    Master the most powerful cloud service platforms on the planet right now!

    Are you a programmer who is constantly looking for ways to add more value to the company and improve the knowledge on cloud computing?

    Maybe you are an entrepreneur who is looking for effective and valuable systems to lower IT costs and scale his or her company faster?

    If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please listen on....

    One of the most powerful tools to grow your business is using systems to help you. Besides the motived team, capital, idea, and hard work, you will eventually hit a glass ceiling if you don’t set up systems to automate your work and significantly increase the company’s growth.

    And cloud service platforms are definitely the most powerful tools you can use to do that! And....

    Inside this book bundle, I will teach you the fundamentals of two of the most powerful and widely used cloud service platforms in the world – AWS and Azure – and walk you step-by-step through each of them so once you finish you know exactly what to do next.

    Here is just a fraction of what’s inside:

    • Microsoft Azure vs. AWS – which one is better?
    • What are the differences between the platforms, and which one fits your business model best?
    • A complete technical guide – get the most out of AWS and Azure
    • Want to grow your business faster? Here is how you scale your business with cloud computing.
    • Why online security is so important in cloud servicing and how to make sure you have it set
    • Artificial intelligence vs. machine learning (differences and advantages explained in detail)
    • Much, much more....

    And even if it’s going to be your first time dealing with cloud service platforms, don’t worry. This guide will take you by the hand and lead you through every single step!

    So don’t wait, scroll up, click on “Buy Now” and start listening!

    ©2020 George Prestonship (P)2020 George Prestonship

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