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    A Canadian Contemporary Menage Romance M/F/M/M

    Jennifer Jane (JJ) Watson has spent 10 Christmases in a maximum-security prison.The last thing she expected was to get early parole, along with a job on a remote Canadian cattle ranch serving Christmas holiday dinners to three of the sexiest cowboys she's ever met!

    Rafe, Brady, and Dan thought they were getting male ex-cons to help out around their secluded ranch, but instead they got an attractive and very appealing female. In the snowbound wilds of Northern Ontario, female companionship is rare. It's a good thing the three men like to share....

    Christmas is coming once again to Moose Ranch and with JJ's due date approaching, she's distracting herself from anxiety attacks by keeping herself ultra-busy preparing for the arrival of her baby, and planning Moose Ranch's first annual Christmas party!

    In having a wee baby on the way, there's a lot of stress for Brady, Rafe, and Dan. Especially due to JJ's decision on having a wilderness midwife deliver the baby at their secluded ranch - with all of them present for the birth!  But their concerns don't stop the men from showing JJ how much they love her...out of bed and in!

    With wicked snowstorms, a grounded bush plane, a cheerful holiday party, plenty of presents, and a sweet baby on the way, the owners of Moose Ranch know this will be one sparkling Christmas season they won't soon forget....

    Please note: This series is best listened to in order.

    1. Cowboys for Christmas
    2. Cowboys in Her Pocket
    3. Loving Her Cowboys
    4. Cowboys in Her Heart
    5. Always Her Cowboys
    ©2019 Jan Springer (P)2020 Jan Springer

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