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    How to date a werewolf: 

    1. Never call him "Good Doggie". 

    I’ve got a problem. A big, hairy problem. An enforcer from the Werewolves Motorcycle Club broke into my house. He thinks I know the Werewolves’ secret, and the pack sent him to guard me.

    2. During a full moon, be ready to get freaky. 

    By the time he decides I’m no threat, it’s too late. His wolf has claimed me for his mate. Too bad we can’t stand each other....  

    3. Bad girls get eaten in the bedroom.  

    ...until instincts take over. Things get wild. Naked under the full moon, this wolfman has me howling for more.  

    4. Breakups are hairy.

    Not even a visit from the mob, my abusive ex, my crazy mother, and a road trip across the state in a hippie VW bus can shake him.  

    5. Beware the mating bite. 

    Because there’s no running from a wolf when he decides you’re his mate.

    ©2018 Renee Rose and Lee Savino (P)2018 Renee Rose and Lee Savino

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