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Alpha Ties
Autor: Nora Ash
Sprecher: Melissa Moran
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 52 Min.

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He has only one rule: Never run. Surrender.  

I owe my life to a masked killer. He came for me, like an avenging angel of death sent to spare me from pain and humiliation yet teach me the price of salvation.  

I am bound to him by the blood he spilled for me, but he didn’t save me out of mercy. I don’t think he even knows the word. He wants submission. He wants me by his side. And he wants this city for his own.  

I will never surrender.   

Alpha is the first book in Nora Ash’s suspense-filled Omegaverse series, Alpha Ties. Each book is a full-length novel with a complete romance story line. This series gets dark, and it gets dirty. If you don’t enjoy your romance scorching and your alphas rough and dominant, give this book a pass. 

Please note: This book is the compiled version of Nora's previously published Omegaverse serial, Alpha. It contains the installments Alpha: Taken, Alpha: Masquerade, and Alpha: Mated.

©2017 Little Huldra Media (P)2020 Little Huldra Media

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