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Alex’s Marvellous Midnight Ship: Books for Children

Autor: Ann Twigg
Sprecher: Ann Twigg
Spieldauer: 22 Min.

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Alex’s Marvellous Midnight Ship

Imagination is something that every parent wants their child to use and foster. Imagination helps us to learn and grow. Kids growing up today in a world of technology often forget how to use their imagination and play. This story is about a little boy called Alex who has an inquisitive imagination and finds himself discovering something magical whilst out playing one day over the summer.

As Alex squeezed under the giant rock in the playground, he hoped that he would find some hidden treasure...but he was about to find something much better than treasure and be taken on an adventure he would never forget.

This book was written and narrated by Ann Twigg and is fantastic for helping children to understand the importance of play and imagination. Play allows kids to develop their creativity whilst using their dexterity, imagination, and cognitive skills. Play allows children to practice all the skills they need as they grow up. This book helps children to rediscover how to play.

Ann Twigg’s Alex’s Marvellous Midnight Ship is the second book in this series.

Let’s help children to re-discover the importance of play!

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