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Affirmative Prayers and Spiritual Treatments

Autor: Ernest Holmes
Sprecher: Russell Stamets
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 8 Min.

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Success Is self-ordained. No one in this world can make you a success but you. You and you alone control, through the constant and positive action of your mind, the extent and degree of your success. Equally true, no one can hinder you, restrain you, or deprive you of your desired success but you.

In your life, you are in the driver’s seat. God put you there and meant you to stay there. As long as you stay there, thinking and acting with positive assurance of all good, nothing but your good can manifest in your life. You are the success you desire to be. But if you voluntarily relinquish your driver’s seat to someone else (your relatives, your boss, your competitor) or to something else (your job, your town, your location, your lack of formal education), you have only yourself to blame for the result.

God gave you the power of desire - but you have to use it. And when you start using it toward the success you want, you’ll be amazed at the quick and wonderful things that will happen in your life. Get back in the driver’s seat.

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