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    Nowadays, many people are interested in their mental health, sometimes underestimated, but as important as maintaining one's physical health!

    Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware that their mental health contributes to the health of their body as well. It is not uncommon that many diseases or physical problems come from psychological problems - that has been never understood!

    Thanks to the enormous amount of information that can be found on the net, each of us can have access to unlimited amounts of information regarding psychotherapies, techniques, and advice to be applied to their daily lives, a very high cost, because all this requires hours and hours of research, without knowing where to start.

    This big bundle has been studied to offer you one of the best collections on what concerns mental health, accompanied by important research on many aspects of human psychology, to give you detailed information without the need to waste time in endless research!

    For many people, time is money, but in some cases, time can be worth more than money, because time, like money, is a limited resource that must be used at its best!

    This project has been realized by including a series of important books that deal with the following topics:

    Book 1: Anxiety in Relationship and Couple's Therapy
    Book 2: How to manage Complex PTSD
    Book 3: How to manage ADHD in Kinds & Adults
    Book 4: The art Dark Psychology and Manipulation
    Book 5: Empath and Narcissist Survival Guide
    Book 6: How to Stop Overthinking and Take Action in Your Life: How to Stop Overanalyze Too Much and Not Be Limited by Negative Emotions
    Book 7: Develop Unbeatable Mental Toughness & Self-Discipline: The Empowering Mindset to Achieve Your Goals Without Ever Giving Up Due to Difficulties
    Book 8: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy + Practical Mindfulness
    Book 9: Dialectical Behavior Therapy 

    Let's go! Buy this big bundle now, and start learning the best secrets of psychology.

    ©2021 Helen Campbell (P)2021 Helen Campbell, Andrew Lopez, Richard Godfrey

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