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    Train your brain to mitigate anxiety, improve emotional regulation and inhibit negative thoughts using five proven psychology strategies!

    Life is already complicated as it is. What makes it even more challenging, is our inability to train our minds to focus on what we can control. Instead, it identifies the uncontrollable bits and amplifies them, overcoming us with a sense of helplessness, panic, grief, and anxiety.

    In this life-changing five-in-one guide by Samuel J. Ginzburg and Nelson J. Lagard, you will be able to proactively address that.

    Here, you will find research-backed tips and techniques to conquer negative emotions using eye movement desensitization and resolution, acceptance and commitment, dialectical behavioral, and cognitive behavioral therapies!

    With this book, you will:

    • Effectively train your brain to skillfully inhibit panic and negative emotions by understanding the natural cycle of anxiety
    • Easily learn and apply expert-approved CBT strategies and save yourself from life-long emotional turmoil
    • Boost distress tolerance and emotion regulation skills using proven self-awareness principles and techniques
    • Finally heal emotional trauma and pain and live a happier life using field-tested and evidence-supported EMDR tools
    • Quickly improve your relationship with painful thoughts and feelings and start making better choices

    What sets this book apart is that it lays out highly technical research, into Super simple terms that even high schoolers will understand!

    With this guide, you'll easily learn four game-changing concepts that you can use to successfully train your brain to make better choices and inhibit negative emotions for the rest of your life!

    Scroll up, click on “Buy Now”, and start listening!

    ©2020 Samuel J Ginzburg, Nelson Lagard (P)2020 Samuel J Ginzburg, Nelson Lagard

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