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A Rough Ride with the Gang

Sprecher: Ted Gitzke
Spieldauer: 30 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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Ever since Lilly spotted Jack she had an amazing attraction to him, partially due to the fact that he's the youngest member of a notorious biker gang, but lately she's been questioning his loyalty. Not only does he stay out most nights, she's been finding all sorts of suspicious texts in his phone. Although their relationship is new, Lilly still wants him all to herself. One night, perhaps because she had drank too much wine, she decides to find out how faithful he is for herself, so she follows him. Not surprisingly, his first destination with the boys is the strip club. Lilly waits in the parking lot to confront him, but when she does, his reaction is a bit different than she expected.

©2015 Tatyana Maxwell (P)2015 Tatyana Maxwell


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