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A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley

Autor: J. D. Brink
Sprecher: Gardner Goldsmith
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 56 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction, Horror

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A trio of dark tales told with a sharp noir edge. They feature wise guys and private eyes, black magic, bleak futures, and the feminine wiles of inhuman beauties. This is Valentine's Day with Halloween style. It's sex and violence from that dark corner of your imagination you dare not share with anyone else.


The man they call Shovel is a neutral instrument. When his boss tells him to bloody a man for a tiny wooden doll he does so without question, but in the grip of the doll's spell even Shovel can't remain neutral for long.


It's hard being the new guy in town. Dreading another night alone, Paul picks up a girl after hours who wakes in the night hungry for more than romance.

"Eating in the Underworld"

P.I. Harry Celeste is supposed to be hard-boiled. Why, then, has he become so entangled in this sex-bot case? If he isn't careful, he could lose his heart…and his life.

This new edition includes a bonus story of hit men and horror.

©2012 Jeremy David Brink (P)2014 Jeremy David Brink

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