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A Kiss in the Night, Volume 2

Sprecher: Sam Fleming
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 18 Min.

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My dear Ashley, I hope by the time you get this letter, you and the handsome spy will be welcoming your second child. Just kidding. But I see something happening between you both soon. Do not hesitate, he's a good man. I could tell.

I know you are also worried about where I am writing this from, from a cell awaiting execution or from the kitchen; it is the latter. You brother still has a speck of goodness in him and decided to keep shut although I will be making his favorite pie every Sunday but I can live with that.

The day you both left, the redcoats came around, with the way they raided the house, even my hidden room, I was glad you both had left. They left no stones untouched, had to give them an excuse for the safe room, need to say I won't be rescuing any spies there. They interrogated all of us and came up with nothing. Your brothers had no clue you were helping a spy and neither did I. I am still of the belief they are watching us, as if you would be that foolish to come back. Sending this letter took a difficult process but I want you to be at peace.

Sadly, the former mayor was executed in the town square. We were all mandated to watch, as a lesson to us all. Right now the resistance in York is underground but we are united.

Make sure you take care of yourself dear, I know your surroundings are strange and you begin a new life. Try to adapt. Remember to live life to the fullest.

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