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    This is a smoking collection of five stories of beautiful girls getting it right in their tightest holes! There’s rough sex, sweet sex, double penetration, and even a gangbang! For the best anal sex around, this is your value-priced collection!

    • "Come On, Boys! You’re Not Just Gonna Watch, Are You?: A Wife Swap Foursome Short" by Carolyne Cox

    Tanya and Paula have been on again off again lovers forever, but since they each married, that’s been put on hold. When they couldn’t help themselves and enjoyed each other one more time, they got the idea that bringing their husbands in might be a great idea, so they come up with a plan to make it happen. Some very rough deep throat, hard f--king, and semen swallowing later, the girls don’t know what hit them!

    • "The Stripper Gets Screwed: A First Anal Sex Erotic Short" by Geena Flix

    Tabitha has a secret, and the secret is named Jewel, her stripper alter ego. Driven by financial pressures, she’s had to take a second job dancing for horny men at Jameson’s strip club, and it’s all working out. One night, though, a man from her law firm comes in and sees her! Worse, it’s the man she’s had a big crush on, Trevor, and he recognizes her. It’s not long before they end up at his place, and this paralegal stripper gets screwed hard, even having her first anal sex encounter!

    • "Bent Over by the Bodybuilder: First Anal Sex with Strangers" by Brianna Spelvin

    She had a great workout and a great shower, but she did push the limit and the gym was right about to close. So, she wouldn’t have been surprising if the locker room was empty when she stepped out from the shower. It isn’t though! A beautiful blonde is on her knees sucking on one the massive bodybuilder trainers! She tries to walk away from the embarrassing situation, but she’s noticed, and within a few minutes, she’s right in the midst of her first MFF threesome, her first lesbian sex, and a rough first anal sex experience - and she doesn’t even know their names!

    • "The Cougar’s Birthday Gangbang Surprise" by Alice Drake

    Gail is turning 40, and she decides to celebrate with her longtime internet webcam sex buddy. She sets it all up for a great evening at a swanky hotel, but once she checks in, she gets the horrible news that he’s been called away on business. She plans for a boring night of room service and pay per view, but when the bellboy comes on to her and looks so good, this cougar decides some hot sex is still on the menu. What she doesn’t know is that a great many other staff members have noticed her, and before the night is through, she’ll have her first anal sex in the form of a smoking hot gangbang!

    • "Andrea’s Outdoor Double Penetration: An MMF Ménage Short" by Cassie Hacthaw 

    Andrea is overwhelmed running her 70,000-acre ranch all by herself after her grandfather died. She rides her horse throughout the property until she comes to the beautiful glade where her beloved grandfather fell in love. There, she swims in the small pond, nude and free from ranch worries. Only she’s not alone...two men watch her, and before the afternoon is over, she will have pleased both in a steamy and powerful double team sex encounter complete with double penetration!

    Warning: This audiobook contains very graphic descriptions of anal sex encounters. It includes first anal sex, foursome sex during a wife swap, double penetration, double team sex, first lesbian sex, very rough sex, stranger sex, gangbang sex, oral sex, deepthroat, outdoor sex, public sex, ass to mouth, and semen swallowing. It is intended for mature listeners who will not be offended by very explicit depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

    ©2013 Polaris Erotica (P)2020 Naughty Daydreams Audio

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