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    How can you help your youngster's college education pay off in productive, meaningful employment - even when disability is involved? Growing in emotional intelligence is the key. It's the foundation for learning to live and work well with a disability. And, it's probably an attribute few people pick up on their own while in school. That means your youngster needs a little help from you, as a parent-mentor, to supplement his or her formal education.

    In Little Book 4, Jim Hasse, who has athetoid cerebral palsy and served for 10 years as a Fortune 500 vice president during his 29-year career in corporate communication, outlines seven not-so-difficult things that you and your youngster can practice together for expanding emotional intelligence, the foundation for learning to live and work well with a disability.

    Time is short. And times are uncertain. But now is the right time for helping your son or daughter develop time-tested interpersonal attributes for handling the challenges he or she will likely face in the transition from school to work.

    In this transformation book, Jim, a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), illustrates each of his seven bits of career advice with a transformation story from his own experiences. For each short story, he defines the issue at hand for learning how to live and work well with a disability, shows how his parents and others helped him personally resolve the situation, and provides a potential path you can follow as a mentor for your own youngster.

    So, get up to speed as the mentor you need to be as your youngster transitions from school to work!

    This is Jim's fourth self-help book in his seven-part Little Book series of transformation stories.

    Download Little Book 4 now to complete some of the final but vital phases of your journey as a parent who knows how to constructively mentor your son or daughter from an emotional intelligence perspective.

    ©2013 Hasse Communication Counseling, LLC (P)2019 Hasse Communication Counseling, LLC

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