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5 Day Weekend

Freedom to Make Your Life and Work Rich with Purpose
Sprecher: Rene Ruiz
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 40 Min.

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Add three more days to your weekend.

You want more. You know there's a better way to live your life. You have hopes and dreams.

You want out of the box - the financial squeeze - living by other people's rules. The best way to achieve your goal hasn't been clear. Now, there's a way.

Five Day Weekend is more than inspiration - it's a plan. It shows you how to build multiple streams of passive, independent income. 

More than a concept - it's used in the real world. People's stories and cases give examples and guidance.

More than money - it's purpose. It opens up your world to more and better choices. You can leave your eight-to-five job behind and achieve your grandest goals. 

Is it time for you to get unstuck? Are you ready to move forward to a lifestyle rich with freedom and purpose? Five Day Weekend is your doorway.

The strategy is to build multiple streams of income that don't require you to work eight to five in a company where you have little control of your time and compensation.

The core money parts - keep more money, make more money, and grow more money - focus on ways to tighten your finances, increase your income, and develop passive investment strategies. The goal is to build regular, independent cash flow until they match your standard of living. Then you're no longer captive. Your independent income is enough to sustain you - to free you.

The personal freedom chapters are purpose, choice, productivity, simplicity, adventure, peace, and generosity - ways to live your life to the fullest. In "Power Up!", you strengthen your mind-set, build your inner circle, fortify your habits, and amplify your energy - tools to support and realize your new goals. In "Push the Boundaries", Nik Halik shares his remarkable journey and challenges you to achieve your own five-day weekend. New York Times best-selling author Garrett B. Gunderson offers his savvy financial expertise.

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