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31 Powerful Prayers

Guaranteed to Make Tremendous Power Available and Avail Much
Sprecher: Hillary Hawkins
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31 Powerful Prayers Based On The Word of God! Number-one Amazon Kindle best seller in Prayer and Christian Prayerbooks (Feb, April 2013 and January 2014)

This powerful but simple prayerbook will help you pray when you find yourself in circumstances where you need God's Divine Intervention!

It will also help you to develop a consistent prayer life if you do not already have one and encourage you to keep praying and making tremendous power available daily!

The 31 Powerful Prayers included are:

1. Prayer for Salvation 2. Prayer for the Salvation of Your Loved Ones 3. Prayer for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking in Other Tongues 4. Prayer to Know God More 5. Prayer for a Good Life 6. Prayer for Freedom from every Addiction 7. Prayer for Strength 8. Prayer for Your Finances (Provision and Prosperity) 9. Prayer for God's Blessing 10. Prayer for Fruitfulness 11. Prayer for Supernatural Debt Cancellation 12. Prayer for Your Healing and Health 13. Prayer for Every Type of Cancer 14. Prayer for Pulling down Strongholds in My Mind 15. Prayer for Help 16. Prayer for Your Husband 17. Prayer for Your Wife 18. Prayer for Your Children 19. Prayer for Protection 20. Prayer of Thanksgiving 21. Prayer for Abundance 22. Prayer for Wisdom and Revelation 23. Prayer for God's Favor 24. Prayer for Promotion 25. Prayer for a Happy Marriage 26. Prayer to Overcome Impossible Situations 27. Prayer for Progress and Advancement 28. Prayer for Someone About to Undergo an Operation 29. Prayer for Someone Recovering from an Operation 30. Prayer for Direction 31. Prayer for a Turnaround in the Life of a Rebellious Child or Teenager

Remain Blessed!

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